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Styling and Shopping Session

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If it’s your SHOPPING for a new wardrobe and a fashion event or just want to REPAIR that favorite pair of shoes, handbag or piece of clothing. Relax! we will pick it up at your location and we will take care of it.

SEND US A PHOTO OF THE ITEM YOU NEED TO REPAIR at [email protected] for a quote.

Check out the services we offer and get in touch with us for all last minute occasions, 

we are here to help.



All Occasions Fashion Concierge will make your clothes shopping easier and add more Style into your life! As well as repair your precious pair of shoes, handbag, etc. that you had in your closet for a long time and didn't have the time to take it for repair, we take care of it!.

Make an appointment and our professionally trained team will help select the perfect outfit catering to your lifestyle, career, special event, etc. We can give you advice on fashion trends and review personal wardrobes. We know casual, business casual, traditional business, date night, wedding, formal, cocktail, special occasion fashion. We also know people!

  • We will go with you and find the perfect Dress for that Special Occasion, dazzling outfit for your interview or some clothing choices for your everyday life.
  • We will help Rejuvenate your closet by refreshing the clothing pieces you own and getting new pieces to help coordinate.
  • Upon request, we will take you to thrift shops to accessorize or find some great retro pieces.
  • We can make an appointment with a Tailor to create your custom-made gown for your Wedding, Quinceañera, or Mother of the Bride/Groom, etc. 
We have a database of the best clothing and shoe repair services. Re-vamp your favorite/expensive shirt, dress, blouse, shoes or anything special in your wardrobe and with us, you can be sure that your favorite items will get the best treatment.

Who uses personal fashion concierges? Everyone from the millionaire corporate chairman to the single mom with two jobs and three children under age 10. 

As a client of All Occasions Fashion Concierge you get access 

to best services for your Personal shopping occasion and more...

Repair-NoToss Services for your favorite wardrobe piece.

Contact: 512-791-7948

Our Products and Services

Image Consulting, Modeling Classes,

 Pageant Coaching

If you are serious about bringing home a crown, you’ve come to right place. Our clients are screened for potential coaching. Clients will discover how to walk proper with grace, fashion, speak well, guidance, and behave like a queen. We help guide our clients through an encouraging performance to support their acquired dreams.

Schedule Classes with Jacquie or Trenda

Many other

different services

Personal Shopper

Our experienced fashion stylists may shop on your behalf or provide you with personal shopping guide. The Shopping includes visits to major Department Stores, vintage shops, newest concept boutiques, which you will not find on a regular shopping guide or the store of your choice.

The way it works? you call us or send us and email, or text message via facebook or instagram to make an appointment, and if it is an emergency style situation... last minute shopping? feel free to call us also! We are here to help find the perfect shoes, dress, gown, hairstyle and/or image look for you.

Personal and Corporations Stylist / Shopper

On your request our professionally trained team will help you select the appropriate outfit for an event and give you fashion advice on trend updates and personal wardrobe review.

At corporate level, we can coordinate consultations for your employees so they can concentrate in their work and relax, organize and balance their lifestyles.

Repair Service for Shoes, Wardrobe Pieces, Fashion Accessories  


We can repair your broken expensive shoes, handbags, luggage, wardrobe piece, instead. We will pick them up at your location and we will make sure they get the treatment they need. 

If you prefer, send us a photo of your shoes, handbag, and else to our email [email protected] for assessment.

Fashion Event Management

While you deal with your daily busy hassles, All Occasions Fashion Concierge will plan and organize any event for you. Planning and organizing the fashion show, finding a location, model casting, hair and make-up artists and creative ideas for the show.

Searching for an appropriate location to present your collection/designs. Organizing and managing your guest list. Inviting appropriate press. Dealing with catering services.

Beauty Concierge

As a client of All Occasions Fashion Concierge you get the access to award winning hair and make up stylists. Our professionals will choose suitable haircut and hairstyle ideas that suit your face shape. Make up artist will give the make up tips for each skin and face type. We can make you an appointment with best beauty therapist. Waxing, eyebrow shaping, eyelashes extensions, manicure and pedicure professionals are available to you with us. We provide you with the address of the salon or you can get your treatment at your home or hotel.

Personal Fashion Photo Shoot/Portfolio Preparation

We offer you our best services in your own portfolio making. We provide you with our All Occasions Fashion Concierge package that includes styling, make up & hair and photo studio or location shoot for you. 

Our experienced team may also provide you with portfolio making tips for your interview. We will help you to select the strongest pieces of your work and put it together for a strong and impressive presentation.


Visual and Branding Design Services

At your request, we can  create a magazine, fashion book,  look book, catalogue, leaflets, flyers, packaging or business cards design. We can conceptualize your Brand for your new shop, gallery, or any other business.

Our team members are experienced in creating shop windows display. We curate the process from A to Z to meet the deadline.

All Occasions Fashion Concierge collaborates with the best printing companies to provide you with highest quality printed work.

Events Specialists

We have selected a list of bartenders, servers, and everyday coordinators. This entire staff is experienced, professional, TABC & Food Handler certified, and trained to provide everything your event could possibly need.

We can coordinate your corporate office party, new trends fashion show, product and branding launching event for you so you can concentrate in everything else.

Fashion Photo Shoot

We have a strong data base of fashion photographers, stylists, art directors, hair and make-up artists, who had worked for leading fashion publications and fashion houses. Just provide us with the topic and we deal with writing a creative idea, team sourcing and production issues.

Walkway Modeling, Social Ethic classes

It does not matter how your body looks or how you feel about your image or your age,  you could always learn how to walk properly for future modeling gigs. And if you are not sure the proper or correct way to behave in social settings, dinner party, first date and any important life event, on this classes you will learn some of the tips as well will have fun learning.

Service of Closet Cleaning and Organizing...Is like going to a Yoga Studio or a Spa...Find your Zen!!

Let us take action in helping reorganize your life! We Clean your closet and maintain it organized so you feel renewed and like going to a Spa or Yoga Studio!! -"Peace of Mind starts with a clean closet". 

Also With our Repair-NoToss you can have a renewed wardrobe if that is what you prefer. We Will pick up your pair of shoes, handbag, etc. at your location and we'll make sure to get it back in new-use condition by giving it the care it needs.

Nutrition is Key for Wellness 

and a Beautiful Mind Set.

We are what we eat! we are featuring recipes that will nourish you at the same time that will entice your palate. Nutrition is Key!

Coffee Bar Featuring


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Short or long Machiato, 

1 or double espresso withsteamed milk 

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(soy, almond or coconut milk.

You can create!!

Iced Coffee

Espresso with Ice.

Iced Americana

Americano with Ice.

Iced Latte

Espresso with steamed milk and ice.

Words From Our Customers

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again.

Robbie L Taylor- Better Women Professionals, LLC

"The repair service was a very convenient solution for me! I had some shoes that needed heel caps and where worn out also a handbag that was missing a strap, I didn't have the time or energy to take it to be repair. The Repair-NoToss service took care of it  and now I can wear them again!."

Eloise Chapman - Working Mom